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A.R.SHIPPING AGENCY has got its own CHA licence and we are considered the most dependable service providers and job executors in the industry today.


At A.R.SHIPPING AGENCY our staff is trained to comply with cultural flexibility as we work hand in hand with our customers, agents & partners to create an effective working environment.


The core activities, which A.R.SHIPPING AGENCY would presently concentrate are arranging vessels for exports / imports for Shipping / Freight their export products from and to any part of the world at competitive rates that is possible due to excellent contacts and rapport the promoters enjoy with leading shipping lines.

Thus, with the above criterion therefore we at A.R.SHIPPING AGENCY, have the ability to serve you as a gateway into new market areas where true competing area has been elevated from the domestic and regional platform on to a global platform therefore our roles represent the contributions as we exist solely to serve our customers, agents & partners more efficiently.

Our Corporate Focus
  • Reliable – Fast, On – Time Service
  • Accurate, complete, timely information
  • Responsive – Ready to meet customer needs
  • Efficient – improved services at a lower cost

The goodwill and intact relationships that we have built for our clients are assets, which no competition can ever destroy or take away.


Besides rendering services to all our clients, agents to our specialized areas of group age consolidation our company can also provide you with comprehensive range of “One stop services”


To provide ALL PORTS AND all ICD services.
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